Blue Mountains Conveyancing Services

Buying or selling property?
Transferring the ownership of property?
Refinancing an existing property?
If it involves a property transaction, you need a skilled conveyancer! Blue Mountains Conveyancing offers a comprehensive conveyancing service underpinned by meticulous attention to detail.

•   Draft your contract for sale, or review your contract for purchase and translate the jargon into plain English
•   Advise on areas of a contract that may be ambiguous or poorly worded
•   Ensure the contract protects your interests
•   Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of cooling off periods
•   Advise on the range of inspections that should be organised prior to purchasing the property
•   Arrange for survey reports and building certificates as required
•   Investigate council approval(s) for the property
•   Carry out negotiations with the other party
•   Exchange contracts on your behalf
•   Advise on any grants, bonuses or concessions you may be eligible for, and assist with applications
•   Liaise with the real estate agent throughout the process
•   Liaise with your bank for any financial requirements
•   Calculate any relevant adjustments in relation to rates
•   Organise payment of Stamp Duty
•   Prepare a settlement statement outlining the distribution of funds for the property purchase
•   Notify relevant Government authorities of the change of ownership, and
•   Complete any paperwork required post-settlement.

Selling and purchasing property can be a stressful event. Our focus is on ensuring our clients remain relaxed, organised, and well-informed.

We are registered for electronic conveyancing with PEXA.

Blue Mountains Conveyancing – we speak your language.

If you wish to read more about buying and selling real estate, the Law Society of NSW has produced the following two guides:

•   Your guide to buying a home, and

•   Your guide to selling a home.

These guides provide a summary of the processes involved in both selling and purchasing property, and are an excellent resource for those looking to undertake a property transaction.