Estate Planning

The last thing we want to think about during life is death. But putting off planning can have a huge impact on your family after you are deceased.

Drafting a Will gives you peace of mind that your children are taken care of on your terms, and that your estate is administered to your wishes. We can assist you with:

•   Identifying your wishes for the future:
–   Who will become the guardian(s) of your children?
–   Who do you want to leave your estate to?
–   Who will be the executor of your Will?
–   Are there any particular assets you want used to pay outstanding debts?
–   Do you have any preferences for burial or cremation?
–   Do you have any funding recommendations for funeral expenses?
–   If circumstances change suddenly, what clauses do you want included to prevent intestacy?
•   Drafting a valid, legal Will
•   The best method for distributing gifts
•   Managing your Will as circumstances change, and
•   Storing your Will.