Family Law

Family law is a complex area, and one in which it is vital to understand your legal rights and responsibilities, as well as how the law applies to your particular case. In cases of separation or divorce, we can advise on:

•   Your rights, and

•   The rights of your children.

This is an incredibly confusing time, and in the interests of all parties it needs to be made simple. We can work through the questions you will have circling in your head when you are finding it impossible to sleep – Where will my children live? Where will I live? Can we stay in the family home? Will I need to pay child support, or will I receive it? If so, how much? How will I afford to purchase half of our joint assets? What rights do I have because we were never married?

We can put your mind at ease with answers to your questions. We will support you with:

Separation and divorce, including:
–   Property settlements
–   Visitation and child support
–   De facto relationship matters
–   Dispute resolution by arranging private mediation

Children’s matters, including:
–   Making a parenting plan or obtaining parenting orders
–   Obtaining consent orders
–   Changing court orders

Financial matters (including superannuation splitting laws)
Advice on understanding and following court orders, and
Advice in respect of child support rights and obligations.